The Great Search was the prelude to the Shadow Court's actual founding. The search began in the year 9 ATC, after Lord Sidonius and Lord Malleus, both staying on Korriban, had a mutual vision and searched each other out. The search was concluded one year later.

The Korriban CampaignEdit

Staying behind and keeping a close eye on the Sith Academy, Lord Malleus searched for the people of his visions amongst the Sith themselves. Aside from his numerous regular followers that would later be organized as the Disciples of the Void, it was also during this search that the High Lord Kyrenic was discovered.

The Galactic CampaignEdit

Aside from Lord Rahvin, most of the Shadows that Sidonius discovered out amongst the stars were non-Force Users. Exceptional in their own right, however, these men and women were originally commanded by Jimi Harlan and are today known as the Knights of the Void.


The first stop for Sidonius was the planet Ilum. This planet, despite it's barren landscape, yielded much thanks to the rugged nature of it's habitants.


Aside from being the planet where Lord Rahvin was encountered, the search on Hutta is also remembered as one of the greater failures of the campaign, as attempts were made to establish partnerships with the local cartels and potentially purchasing a bulk of combat droids. Both attempts were ultimately made to no avail.