Name: Nofi
Title/Rank: Soldier
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa
Affiliation: The Shadow Court, Knights of the Void, Sith Empire


Small, with red hair and blue eyes. Living her life mostly in space has left her skin pale and vulnerable to sun. This is why she wears clothing that covers her well when planetside.

Nofi was recruited by the Shadow Court while working with the Zabrak Bounty Hunter Urusiz. After a brief meeting with Lord Sidonius on Korriban, she was assigned to a squad led by Jimi Harlan.

She has not told her father that she is now regularly in the company of Hired Killers and powerful Sith Lords.


Cheerfull and friendly, but rather shy and unsure how to behave when in company of seemingly highly exalted people.


Both of Nofi's parents were travelling constantly, because of their job as travelling traders. They happened to be around Nar shaddaa by the time of Nofi's birth, and settled in there for few months. Soon after, they were roaming the galaxy again.

The three were travelling from station to station, ussually staying at one place about one to three months. Her father was helping the staff on stations and the ships for extra credits, and her mother kept the shop. Nofi kept her self entertained by playing with the broken machines and droid parts her father brought to him,and by talking to staff and travellers. As she grew older, she was taught how to disasemble and finaly to even repair and scavenge usefull parts from the objects her father brought to her.

As about the age 12, her father, who had noticed his daughters intrest of mechanics and technology, decided to take her with him when he was working on engineering. Engineers and technicians soon found the energetic little girl with endless questions, rather entertaining sight.

By the age of 17, she was already rather skilled with working on circuits and engines. At the same year, they were on a ship that was destroyed in a conflict between the Republic and the Empire. Nofi and her father managed to escape, but her mother was killed. They enlisted on a cruise ship as technicians. Nofi worked on there for 3 years, untill she decided that she wanted to wander the galaxy. Her father fullynunderstood, but stayed on the cruiser, while Nofi left to wander the galaxy. Working when where mainly as techician, she has been travelling the galaxy since that.