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Name: Lleon Mavaar
Title/Rank: Head of the Mavaar Dynasty
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 32
Birthplace: Alderaan
Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Mavaar Dynasty


Lleon was born on Alderaan in the year 22 BTC. Unlike his older brother Orane, he never displayed any signs of Force-sensitivity. Lleon is the current head of the Mavaar Dynasty.


Lleon is your characteristic nobleman; his behavior is oftentimes childlike and eccentric, and he often has a hard time differentiating work from play. He is a bit of a womanizer, at least in the sense that he knows how to sweet-talk to get his will through. An equivalent talent for his male peers seems to be lacking, though, and in dealing with them his eccentricities become all the more apparent.


Born into the Mavaar dynasty, and consequently the brother of Orane (Lord Sidonius), Lleon certainly had a lot of connections already from birth. As Orane left to train with the Jedi at a very early age, Lleon never got to know his brother in the flesh. They kept the occasional correspondence, but they were polar opposites as far as personality goes. Orane always seemed to hold a dislike for his brother, and Lleon in turn shared similar sentiments, feeling that the Jedi had "taken all the fun" out of his brother.

Lleon was raised in wealth and luxury as would become a nobleman, and he was likewise groomed to take over House Mavaar in the future. His isolated upper-class living meant he never truly learned most social norms or boundaries, however, and it made him develop into a truly strange, or rather, "unique" individual.

When the Sith Empire finally attacked Alderaan, most of House Mavaar and it's wealth was wiped out. What happened to Lleon is fairly uncertain from this point, but he is rumored to have escaped the destruction and departed for the distant stars, along with what remained of his family and wealth.

A few years later the Mavaar Family turns up again on Coruscant. It would seem at this point, they retained enough credits to get by, but not so much their former social standing. Lleon was with them, but has been known to drift from place to place from this point on. Never being comfortable in one place for too long.